Collaboration at work in Harlesden

Budding Collaboration.

Always keen to develop relationships with London boroughs, TfL and CONWAY AECOM jumped at the opportunity to support a local blooming initiative.

The London Borough of Hillingdon is keen to enhance the local environment and each summer they launch a local gardening competition, to encourage local residents to improve their environment through imaginative use of flowers, trees and shrubs.

The local council decided to lead by example and contacted TfL to see if improvements could be made to the busy intersection of the A40 Western Avenue and Swakeley Road. TfL agreed with CONWAY AECOM’s assistance to create a planting scheme for the northern side of Swakeleys roundabout.

Phil Hurst, Route Arboriculture and Landscape Manager for TfL, agreed the project and enlisted the support of a grower to grow a range of vibrant, colourful and low maintenance plants specifically for the roundabout.

In true collaborative style the plants were grown in a nursery and a week prior to flowering they were delivered to CONWAY AECOM who prepared the area and planted them before they bloomed.

Three hundred and ninety seven Hemerocallis (day lilies) in thirty two varieties and two hundred Hostas (plantain lilies) were placed in two raised brick planters.

Once planting was completed, the beds were given a generous dressing of seventy five millimetres of ornamental bark mulch to enhance moisture retention and weed suppression, each planter was then watered thoroughly.

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