Putting the cyclist first

Putting the cyclist first

CONWAY AECOM and FM Conway are taking further steps to safeguard vulnerable road users. Each year the number of cyclists on London’s roads increase, as does the number of fatalities.

To ensure a high level of vehicle safety, our 156 –strong fleet of London HGVs are fitted with the latest safety measures to protect cyclists. The adaption programme has cost £1,200 per vehicle and means that every lorry over 7.5 tonnes has been fitted with additional safety features.

These features include side guards which will push the cyclist away from the lorry in the event of a collision, near-side blind-spot cameras which will allow drivers to see real-time images to their left and reversing cameras to eliminate blind-spots at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicles are also fitted with seven side sensors to detect nearby objects, as well as an audible ‘turn left’ warning, high visibility signs and strobe beacons.

Our HGV drivers have undergone cycle safety training, which allows them to experience the vulnerability a cyclist can experience and should make for a safer London.

Michael Conway, CEO at FM Conway said.

“We operate one of London’s largest contractor fleets and, while there will always be more work to be done to safeguard cyclists, these direct initiatives are vital for eliminating unacceptable threats to all road users.”

John Blower, Partnership Manager said.

“It is great to see CONWAY AECOM investing in the latest technology to give their fleet advance protection for cyclists. This together with lorry driver training around vulnerable road users should assist in making London streets safer.”

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