Keeping cyclists safe this winter

Keeping cyclists safe this winter

CONWAY AECOM have procured two multipurpose bespoke quad bikes to support our gritting and horticultural requirements. These bikes will be used for de-icing cycle paths and footways, to ensure cyclist and pedestrian safety during the winter period. During the warmer months the vehicles will also be utilised for weeding and watering.

In the North West there are 32,610m of cycle track on footways and 61,540m of shared cycle track and footways which needs to be kept clear for cyclists and pedestrians. CONWAY AECOM are using brine, a solution of Sodium Chloride in water, to prevent snow and ice forming on cycle paths and footways.

The quad bikes are multifaceted and as well as spraying brine they are being utilised to spray CMA, calcium magnesium acetate, a chemical de-icing agent on Hogarth car bridge, which has a weight restriction of 2.5 tonnes, and the highly publicised Hammersmith flyover structure, which suffered corrosion and overall structural weakening.

The quad bikes can also be used for gritting inaccessible locations: footbridges, subways and footways, by attaching a grit spreader. This can be done whilst driving, using the on-board device to control salt spread which is similar to the functions on conventional gritters.

In the spring and summer the quad bikes will be utilised by our horticultural team for weed spraying and watering. The tank holds up to 100 litres of weed spray and using the high pressure lance the team can target key areas. A water bowser can be attached to the bike for watering plants and trees in hard to reach locations.

Matt Joel, Reactive & Routine Maintenance Manager for CONWAY AECOM said:

Collaboration at work in Harlesden

“These bespoke quad bikes are an exciting new investment for CONWAY AECOM. I am eager that we utilise these bikes and offer added value wherever possible. I am keen to exceed our contractual requirements, particularly in regards to horticuture as well as working towards ensuring the safety of cyclists and pedestrians on our network.”

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