'First Aid- First Hand'

First Aid- First Hand

Like many of our staff, Scott Knight and Paul Manaher took to the road ready for another day on the job with the rest of their gang. Whilst driving, they discovered a driver in the lorry ahead of them, was not moving and slouched over the wheel shaking. Immediately Paul and Scott ran to the lorry to attend to the driver.


Scott called an ambulance and Paul tried to get a response from the casualty. The ambulance controller provided instruction to Scott to check the victims pulse, at this point they noticed the patient was turning slightly blue.


Paul and Scott pulled the driver out of the lorry, placing him onto the floor, taking it in turns to perform CPR chest compressions, something they had been trained to do as a part of their first aid course.


As they continued CPR, a rapid response team arrived providing a tube of oxygen, shortly followed by an ambulance who continued to perform CPR and used a defibrillation machine to master the right pace and depth to shock the heart rate back to functioning again. The ambulance were proud of our staff for performing first aid, stating that Both Scott and Paul provided the patient with the best chance for survival.


“To be honest I never thought that even though I’ve been trained on CPR that I would need to use it. I am really thankful that I was trained in it so that I could help the guy on that day”-Scott Knight


Its incidents like the above, that reinforce the importance of having an understanding of first aid. We work in an industry that can be extremely hazardous and having the basic knowledge of the relevant practises can make a huge impact. If Paul and Scott were not trained in first aid, they may not of given the victim a chance for survival that day and we never know when situations like that can arise both on and off the job.


Conway Aecom holds First-Aid course & qualifys four more first aiders at North Acton.



'Interactive Engagement with Apprentices'

On November 13, Liz Chassteneuf held a training session at CONWAY AECOM to update mentors on useful tools used to build positive relationships with apprentices and review their PACT, an agreement made upon enrolling onto the scheme, acting as a guideline for mentors to review apprentices progress.

After the session followed a workshop for apprentices which included a formal welcome from senior managers, John Holliday, James Tallon and Charmaine Kerr including a presentation on the background of the LoHAC contract and the benefits of being a part of the partnership.

The apprentices took part in team building exercises and were given a chance to openly share their experiences of transitioning into a full- time apprenticeship with Conway Aecom.

The feedback from the sessions was positive and we look forward to holding more in the future to encourage productivity, mind mapping and the expansion of the CA community.


'Car and Bus set alight on A41''

On November 3rd at 19.50 the OCR (Operational Control Room) received a call from the LSTCC (London streets traffic control centre) requesting for Conway Aecom’s assistance with a car and bus which had caught fire on the A41, Watford Way.

A car had caught fire in traffic on a slight hill which had rolled back into a bus, the bus tried to avoid the car but also ended up catching fire.

The OCR immediately deployed an (IRU) incident response unit, with a Conway Aecom in-house traffic management team. The teams battled through traffic as the police had requested a full road closure from five-ways corner to the boroughs. Immediately after the Incident, the IRU cleared away all the loose debris, recovering the car and bus to reveal an extensively damaged carriageway.

After deliberating, the team maintained a full road closure to ensure safety for both workers and public road users.

Night shift supervisor, Dion Briffa said “The dilemma in these situations is to get the carriageway open at the earliest time possible but due to the fact that all 3 lanes were damaged we could not risk any lanes running. Safety is paramount in all decisions we make”.

The closure allowed for the resurfacing and white lining team to repair the damage. After consulting with the resurfacing crew the area for repair had been identified, allowing for the team to get to work. By 1.30am all 3 lanes had been resurfaced inclusive of white lines allowing the carriageway to be re-opened.

There were no casualties during this incident and all parties were successfully evacuated from their respective vehicles, thanks to the help of our night team.




Tyred of being punctured

stand up to cancer

'Conway Aecom employee’s JJ Oh and Irene Odoha raised a smashing £615 for a sponsored 10k run to donate to the cancer research charity and ‘stand up to cancer’.



stand up to cancer

Conway Aecom attended The Brent Connections fair at 'Roundwood youth club' to promote CA apprenticeships. Charmaine Kerr gave a talk to over 40 students about the careers and opportunities available within the highway industry.

December Bulletin CONWAY AECOM



‘To provide a street environment to delight people who live, work in and visit London’



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