Driving efficiency and best practice

Driving efficiency and best practice

CONWAY AECOM set-up an innovations register and launched the start of our innovations drive with posters and suggestion boxes during year one.

A recent Health and Safety innovation has led to a three month trial on ‘Reliance Identicom Lone Worker Protection System’ which was conducted throughout ten different areas of the business.

The system, ‘Series 8 Identicom GSM with GPS, two way communication and man down’, was trialled on projects where workers were considered vulnerable, such as lone or night working, or where there was a high or likely risk of abuse or aggression in the area.

The benefits of this equipment is that the system looks like an ID card to a member of the public, so once the equipment is triggered and escalation begins, the person posing the risk is not aware that “back-up” is on the way. The ‘Man Down’ feature also provides assistance in the event that an employee has an incident that renders them incapacitated. An alarm is then raised which alerts the emergency services via the monitoring company.

“On carrying out a red alert I was pleased to see the escalation service carried out immediately. Not only did they contact the SHEQ team to let them know of the situation but also contacted me immediately through the device and through my mobile phone to make sure I was ok and the situation did not need further assistance or escalation. I would be happy to use the device on a more permanent basis”. Barry Bruce, Surfacing Operative

Driving efficiency and best practice

“CONWAY AECOM is committed to ensuring that our workforce is as safe as possible at all times and this is a great initative and we are currently reviewing the results of the trial. We have received lots of good suggestions through this process and are looking forward to receiving more in the future”.

James Tallon
Operations Manager

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