Early success for CONWAY AECOM

Early success for CONWAY AECOM

CONWAY AECOM assist police and reduce expected road closure by 27 hours.

On day two of the new LoHAC contract a HGV hit the central reservation on the A406 and shed its load.

Two HGVs and three cars were involved in this serious road traffic accident on the North Circular which occurred just after midday on 2nd April near the Park Royal industrial estate in northwest London.

AT the scene CONWAY AECOM discovered an overturned haulage truck which had damaged part of the central reservation, two lighting columns and caused a lorry to shed its load. Our Incident Response Unit and Traffic Management Operatives assisted police by implementing a full southbound closure at Abbey Road, closing lanes two and three of the northbound carriageway.

CONWAY AECOM operatives cleared the debris and unloaded the remaining contents from the second vehicle, whilst awaiting assistance from the police crane and recovery vehicles which arrived at the scene at 18:00.

At this time traffic delays were deemed as ‘severe’ and a number of options were considered to ensure that the road was opened as quickly as possible. At 21:00 CONWAY AECOM and the London Streets Traffic Control Centre agreed to open lanes 1 and 2 in both directions to reduce the build-up of evening rush-hour traffic.

During this time the barrier crew began dismantling the damaged barrier in preparation for the installation of the TVCBs to ensure that delays were kept to a minimum for the travelling public. At 00:45 all traffic management was removed and the road was completely reopened.

Permanent works are to be undertaken overnight to replace the damaged barrier and street light whilst ensuring minimal disruption to the travelling public.

Gary Steward, Highways operations manager:

“I am delighted by the speed and resolution of this serious road traffic incident. This level of response so early after mobilisation gives me great confidence in CONWAYAECOM’s ability”.

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