First CONWAY AECOM scheme completed

First CONWAY AECOM scheme completed

CONWAY AECOM get off to a flying start having successfully completed their first scheme within three weeks of the LoHAC Contract going live.

The four phase resurfacing programme commenced on Monday 8th April on the A406 North Circular near residential area Coppetts Close. The carriageway had been previously identified as needing to be re-surfaced, so in agreement with TfL, CONWAY AECOM milled out 860 metres of lane three and half of lane two, to a depth of 100mm, which equated to 790 tonnes of surface course and 32 tonnes of binder course. The works included the replacement of all carriageway markings and raised iron works.

The works were scheduled over four nights to minimise disruption to the large number of vehicles which use this busy stretch of the North Circular Road. Minimum safety zone regulations were also implemented by our Traffic Management design team to ensure that lane 1 could remain open whilst works were in progress.

Our plans were communicated to local residents, TfL buses and the London Borough of Barnet prior to the commencement of works. TfL buses were kept informed of all changes as the programme evolved to accommodate weather and works on the M25.

The first three night time surfacing operations went very smoothly however to complete the final fourth night, the works had to be postponed twice, pushing completion into the following week by one day. The first postponement was put in place for safety reasons due to extremely wet weather. Heavy rain can affect driver visibility and it is important to ensure road worker and road user safety, especially through road works. In addition it would also have been difficult to carry out surfacing operations in the very wet conditions. The second was to accommodate the impact of works on the M25, with traffic being diverted through to the A406.

The scheme was successfully completed on Monday evening, providing new surfacing to over 8100m2.

David Harvey, Schemes Manager: “Our customer is at the heart of what we do and we will do whatever we can to ensure that our works do not impact upon the road user or local residents. For this scheme, disruption was kept to a minimum and successfully completed to a high standard”.

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