Work placements from the London Borough of Brent

Work placements from the London Borough of Brent

The last week of June saw the block placement of three local students within various teams at CONWAY AECOM. The students came to CONWAY AECOM from local secondary schools to gain an insight into engineering.

Two, 15 year old, students Nathalia Ribeiro Campos Da Costa and Prithabi Shrestha joined us from the Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College in Harlesden, Brent and Preston Manor School in Wembley, Brent, respectively. Where they are studying for their GCSEs. They were joined by Maera Khan, aged 17, who has just completed her A’Levels, at Preston Manor School, in Business Studies, Chemistry and Physics.

These young people were inducted and given an overview of CONWAY AECOM and the wider LoHAC. They were then introduced to their mentors who explained their roles within the business and their forthcoming week’s activities.

The first four days were spent with their mentors where they learnt about commercial issues, how to modernise traffic signals on borough roads, how to measure and quote for works.

On their final day they attended our biggest ‘live’ scheme, Hogarth Temporary Car Road Bridge. The day commenced with a short briefing at North Acton where they were given the challenge as Engineers to think about the structure and how they would go about repairing it.

They each received a pack which outlined the problem and photos of the Hogarth temporary car road bridge, Hogarth roundabout and some CAD drawings. They were prompted in their discussion to consider: the number of workers; working hours; local residents; the height of the structure; the weight of the concrete slabs; the type of machinery required; live cables; the subway; site access and the six week working window.

The work placements were then escorted around Hogarth and shown how we are going to carry out the works. They were also advised of our key considerations and how we would overcome these challenges. Our students then had the added treat of sitting in some of the available vehicles to gain an insight into the different jobs onsite, their importance and an appreciation for the challenges they face. The day concluded back at the office where each of the placements were asked to write a method statement on how they would project manage the works.

The Lions still roar at Wembley

“I loved my day at Hogarth and actually seeing a live project. I hadn’t appreciated all the aspects that need to be considered for a scheme like Hogarth. The responsibility of a project manager is huge!”

 Nathalia Ribeiro Campos Da Costa
CONWAY AECOM work placement

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