Working well together with the HSE and WWT

Working well together with the HSE and WWT

Approximately 200 Managers, Supervisors and Operatives from FM Conway and CONWAY AECOM attended an instructional awareness session held at Millwall Football Stadium. The session was organised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in conjunction with the SHEQ Department.

Toby Webb (HSE Inspector) provided a summarised and collaborated presentation of various HSE Health and Safety topics with specific emphasis on the dangers of Silica Dust and Manual Handling activities.

The HSE are stressing the importance of adopting best practice when working in and around the vicinity of materials that produce Silica Dust and highlighted the immediate dangers and long term health effects.

The following control measures are in place and must be adhered to by all CONWAY AECOM and FM Conway employees during cutting operations or when working in dust environments:

  • Dust masks must be worn
  • Dust suppression must be utilised
  • Face Fit Testing of all utilised dust masks must be achieved
  • Dust masks must be compatible with other utilised PPE.
  • The HSE also highlighted the value of adopting good Manual Handling techniques and for assessing the need and use of appropriate mechanical aids, in order to eliminate or at least reduce Manual Handling requirements and subsequently reduce the likelihood of acute and chronic Manual Handling related injuries.

    A presentation was also provided by representatives from Working Well Together (WWT), an Industry-wide construction health and safety campaign developed by the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) for advising on improving health and safety within the construction industry.

    A series of photographs were taken on the terraces of Millwall Football Stadium, commencing with all operational attendees, subsequently reducing in numbers in order to represent the fatalities that occur in the construction industry. It is intended for the photographs to be used in the next Working Well Together National Campaign.

    Working well together with the HSE and WWT

    “The event was heralded a success and provided our operatives with a different way of learning about the dangers of Manual Handling and Silica Dust. The event has also provided the foundations of establishing a strong working relationship with the HSE and WWT.”

     Andrew Cox
    Head of SHEQ for CONWAY AECOM

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